LJ Relays Specifications

The LJ Relay is a high speed auxiliary relay, designed and manufactured by RPS for more than 30 years, offers a variety of device mounting, face plate and contact configurations for both new installations and retrofit applications.

For the LJ Relay manual which includes detail specifications and order guidelines click here.


Benefits of the LJ design include:

  • 4 millisecond operate time
  • 6 or 10 usable, easily configurable contacts
  • Immune to miss-operation from severe vibration or mechanical shock
  • Patented shielded coil provides immunity to misoperation from system transients while reducing internally generated transients to a very low level
  • Individually sealed contacts do not require cleaning or adjustments
  • Available with integrated contact isolating switches
  • Relays and contacts are sealed from fly ash and other contaminates
  • Available with direct driven, manually resettable target
  • Up to 50% panel space savings over competitive units

Ordering Guide

rps lj specification 1