Retrofit Packages

Existing substation and power system retrofit projects of your protection and control systems are becoming increasingly important to businesses. Reliability challenges imposed by NERC requirements, aging systems, and the pressure to reduce operating expenses are determining factors in retrofit implementation.

Retrofit projects, by their nature, are more challenging than greenfield projects. In order to minimize outages and downtime, we recommend a detailed field assessment of the existing systems, a physical walk-down and schematic/ infrastructure review by an experienced team that is familiar with the retrofit process. Our approach allows RPS to ensure that when the retrofit package is delivered on site – it can be integrated quickly and with minimal service interruptions.

In addition, simulating and validating operation of the retrofit system is critical during the build and test phase to minimize interaction with existing systems at time of installation. Our fully integrated engineering, manufacturing and test capabilities ensure that from start to finish, your project is handled by one coordinated team.